Sailing Thessaloniki

See the other side of the city.

It is the second largest city in Greece and it has long been hailed as the «Nymph of the Thermaikos», a city of romance, a multi-cultural melting pot and a bustling center of trade. A city with a rich history and culture, a million sights to see and a myriad things to do.


Now you can experience it from a completely different perspective. From the sea!


Welcome aboard our Flying Sailship, away from the crowds and the noise of a bustling metropolis and relax. Enjoy a drink while listening to the sounds of the waves and the wind or marvel at the moon rising from the sea after a romantic sunset.


We start our trip from Aretsou Marina at Kalamaria area (8km from the center). We sail along the city’s seafront, enjoying a completely different way of seeing the city. Then we set sails for Peraia and N. Epivates, where we will have a swim stop (depending on the weather). During this part of the trip we serve authentic Greek meze (tapas) for a light lunch along with Greek wine and ouzo, before making our way back to Thessaloniki.
On the way back we will enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine and the unique view of Mount Olympus where the sun sets. After the sunset we will make our way back to Aretsou Marina.