Flying Sailship

Sailing All Over The North Aegean

Flying Sailship is a sailing yacht charter company, based in Halkidiki, Greece, that organizes skippered, semiprivate and private sailing tours and day sailing excursions all over the Northern part of the Aegean sea, mainly in Halkidiki and the Sporades. Our base is in the Harbor of Neos Marmaras in Western Sithonia.

Why Sail With Flying Sailship?

Because our style of sailing travel means you will get to see the best sights, swim in the best beaches, eat like a local, have fun like a local and in general get to know the secrets of the destination in the way that only locals can.

Because of the small size of the group that you will be travelling with, you will be in a better position to make your travel schedule, it will be easier to see the sights that you want to see and have the freedom to enjoy your holidays in your own way and at your own pace.

Because your safety matters. Sailing, even in Halkidiki with its calm waters and weather, is an activity that carries certain risks. Our skipper is certified by one of the biggest maritime organizations in the world (R.Y.A., the UK's Royal Yachting Association), for offshore sailing but also as Marine Radio Operator and for Sea Survival.

Lastly, because we really, really love what we do. We have acquired our expert, local knowledge because we are genuinely interested in our destinations not just because we are professionals (and don't get us wrong, we are VERY professional), but also because we visit the same places for OUR holidays (when we get them...), and we have done so since we were very little.

The Name

The name came about through childhood memories, of ships flying through the air, from one fantastical destination to another. Sailship sounds too much like spaceship anyway.

From a very young age I had a special bond with the sea. We had a small boat, and me and my dad were always fishing, free-diving and cruising around, always in search of something; the best fishing spot, diving spot, swimming spot… As I got older, I discovered sailing, and a new, even stronger, passion for the sea took hold of me. I started taking part in sailing races and regatas. Then I got my first sailing certification, and then the next, then I started working as a skipper with local charter companies. Eventually I went to work for bigger tourism and charter companies all over Greece, learning many of the secrets of the Aegean sea.

Now, in 2017, I have returned to the same waters that made me love the big blue when I was a small child. I am steering my own “sailship”, a real flying one, ready to give other lovers of the sea plenty of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

So get yourself aboard our Sailship and get ready to fly all over the North Aegean, backed by the local knowledge and experience I have gathered over the years, and also the contagious enthusiasm for the sea that got me so far in this journey.

Kostas Vamvakas

Responsible Travel

At Flying Sailship we do our best to preserve the environment so we can keep enjoying it for many years to come. We encourage our guests to do so as well.

We use the engine only when necessary, to keep emissions to a minimum

We don't litter and we recycle our waste

We don't light fires in forested areas

We participate in beach clean-up projects and reforestation

We don't interfere with the fauna (observing and admiring from a distance is OK most of the time)

In general we leave any place we visit exactly as we find it (or cleaner)

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