Frequently Asked Questions

Why sail with Flying Sailship?

The Flying Sailship holiday experience means you’ll eat the local way, travel the local way, sleep the local way and experience the ultimate Greek Hospitality no matter what activity you choose to enjoy with us. Both crew members have spent many years in Halkidiki, have already explored all the secret paradises for you, and can give you all the necessary tips to enjoy your stay at Halkidiki, on the yacht and even show you how to sail a boat. At the same time our skipper is a very experienced, certified skipper, having great sailing experience in some of the most challenging waters of the world.

What is the maximum group size?

The maximum capacity on our boat is 8 people on all Holidays and 9 people on Day Sailing Trips (plus 1 crew members).

Is sailing experience required?

No. It is certainly welcome but not required.

Are children allowed?

For safety reasons we would prefer not to host children below the age of 6 year old. Additionally, swimming skills are a prerequisite for children to participate in these trips.

Are animals allowed?

Although we love animals we would prefer not to host animals during these trips for the convenience of the rest of the group. In case the boat is booked by a whole group of friends, then animals could be travel on board.

Which is the meeting point and time for the trips?

The embarkation/disembarkation point is at Marmaras Harbour. Please note that due to sailing being a heavily weather-dependent activity, sometimes itineraries may have to change. We recommend an additional night at the beginning and end of the trip to ensure nobody misses any onward flights. Please contact us and we can assist you to find accommodation based on your needs and budget.

Who decides rooming configurations?

The skipper will allocate rooms on arrival to the boat. Single travellers will be paired up with another passenger of the same sex, and this may mean sharing a double mattress side by side. In practice, lots of passengers end up sleeping on deck, as it’s warm and there’s no air conditioning on a sailing boat.

What about the toilets? Do the cabins have ensuites?

No, there are only two toilettes on the boat (please see boat floor plan for details). Bathroom facilities are shared. Cold and hot water is available for showers, and toilets are either electronic or hand pump.

What should I bring with me?

As you probably know, there is limited amount of space on the boat, so please avoid bulky suitcases, or ten pairs of shoes. Wheeling an enormous suitcase along the small deck of a yacht isn’t really an option, and you’ve got to be considerate of the people you’ll be sharing this space with for the next days. Keep in mind that you’ll probably be wearing the same outfit every day, which will essentially consist of shorts, a t-shirt, a swimming-suit and flip-flops. Below we provide you with a short list, that is not designed to be an exhaustive packing list, but it’ll get you thinking like a real sailor:

  • Some flip flops or deck shoes that can get wet
  • A jumper or a waterproof jacket – while days on the water will be beautifully warm, it can get quite cold during the evenings, so bring something to stay cozy in.
  • A beach towel (a bath towel will be provided by us).
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat
  • Swimsuits (don’t worry about the snorkel and fins – we provide those)
  • A medium-sized fabric bag that can be flattened or stored easily.
  • Tip: Just remember that it is a huge pain trying to haul a massive suitcase up and down a tiny stepladder.

    Can you assist me with post or pre trip accommodation?

    Regarding Halkidiki, we can host you in one of our accommodation options (Alterra Vita B&B and our lovely independent apartments at the outskirts of the village). In case of no availability we can arrange accommodation with one of our business partners. Regarding Thessaloniki, we can give you some accommodation options but we do not cooperate directly with any provider.

    What is the cost and duration for the trip to/from Thessaloniki Airport?
    • One-way taxi drive costs about 100-120 EUR (max 4 passengers) – Trip duration: approx. 1h 20mins
    • One-way bus trip costs 14 EUR per person – Trip duration: approx. 2h 30mins Departure bus times from Thessaloniki to Neos Marmaras: 9.30am, 13.30, 17.45 Departure bus times from Neos Marmaras to Thessaloniki Bus station: 8.00am, 15.00, 18.30
    • Car transfers: Contact us and we can arrange a one-way transfer at the cost of 80-90 EUR (max 4 passengers) and a minivan transfer for 100-110 EUR (max 6-7 passengers)
    • Car rentals: Contact us and we can arrange car rentals (pick up from Thessaloniki Airport or any place in Halkidiki, and return either to the Airport or to any other place in Halkidiki)

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